Our Style

Natural, candid wedding photography is all about capturing the real, raw moments and emotions in your day. It’s about capturing the laughs, smiles, tears, hugs and everything in between. I respond to all types of different venues and lighting conditions in order to create the best images possible. This might involve using natural light, flash, or artificial lighting to enhance the mood and atmosphere of the scene. As a responsive photographer, I am also be able to adapt to the unique features and challenges of each venue, such as the architecture, layout, and available spaces. By being flexible and creative, I can create beautiful and memorable images that truly capture the essence of the wedding day. I don’t like to stick to one particular editing style as I feel that each venue and couple deserve their wedding images and footage to be looked at from a completely unique point of view, so as I shoot the wedding, and after I have shot the wedding and begin to go through the images, I get an idea of how I think they should look from a professional point of view. A few preview images are then provided to you which is your chance to tell me if there’s anything you’d like to change, including colouring etc. 

On the day, I arrive on time, but often ahead of time, and have the chance to check around the venue, taking in the weather conditions and any natural light that might affect the ceremony room or reception. This allows me to plan ahead for anything I might need to overcome, such as angles to shoot from etc. These things can’t always be known before the day as weather conditions (e.g. bright sun or torrential rain) can impact how I do my job, but you can be assured that I will deliver a fantastic gallery for you. Please get in touch and we can give you a few galleries to have a look at and get a feel for some of our work.

I am well known by my couples for bringing a wee bit of patter, laughs but also an element of calmness to the day. At recent weddings, I’ve been a dress fixer, first aid provider (I am first aid trained!), seamstress, fixer of all disasters (including suppliers letting couples down last minute leaving them with no dancefloor or decor, and a dog managing to urinate on a bride’s dress – yes this did actually happen and I managed to find a nearby barber’s shop who cleaned the stain right out!). You just wouldn’t believe the things that happen on wedding days, but rest assured, I’m there to help and support in whatever way I can.

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