Please find below some frequently asked questions we get around our Wedding Photography and Videography service.


Natural wedding photography is a my style of wedding photography that focuses on capturing real, unposed and candid moments and emotions of the couple, and guests in a natural setting. It often involves using available light and avoiding the use of excessive Photoshop editing. The aim is to create beautiful, candid, and authentic images that tell the story of the wedding day and capture the essence of the event. I respond to different venues and lighting conditions in order to create the best images possible. This might involve using natural light, flash, or artificial lighting to enhance the mood and atmosphere of the scene. As a responsive photographer, I also adapt to the unique features and challenges of each venue, such as the architecture, layout, and available spaces. By being flexible and creative, I create beautiful and memorable images that truly capture the essence of the wedding day. I don’t believe in overly editing individuals in photos as this is then not naturally reflective of your day.

I always photograph everything in colour and regularly provide couples with a full-colour gallery with some images being provided in black and white. In the post-production stage, when editing, there are certain images that I capture which lend themselves particularly well to black and white. I use my professional and creative judgement to decide which images should be in black and white. If you have questions about my processing or would like to see more work, just get in touch.

I always have backup equipment of absolutely everything on the day – from cameras, to batteries and SD cards as well as gimbals and flashes! Having backup equipment is crucial for wedding photographers & videographers as it ensures that they can continue to capture the special moments of a wedding even if their primary equipment fails. This is important because weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events and missing even a single moment could result in a loss of precious memories for the couple. Moreover, professional photographers need to be able to rely on their equipment to provide the high-quality images that clients expect. Having backup equipment reduces the risk of equipment failure, helps to maintain a professional image, and ensures that the photographer can continue to deliver the best possible results, even in challenging circumstances. All of our cameras save onto two SD cards to help make your images and videos even more secure. 

I have been a Wedding Photographer now for 3 years, however have come such a long way in a short space of time. I have now worked with over 100 couples and delivered amazing galleries and videography for them. On average, I will shoot around 50 weddings a year.

Having a second photographer on your wedding day can definitely be a good idea, depending on what you want. With two photographers, you’ll be able to capture different angles and perspectives of your special day. Plus, it’s always good to have a backup in case anything unexpected happens.

It’s particularly handy if you want coverage of both partners in the morning and you are getting ready in different locations. Gary can cover the both of you for at least some time during morning preparations if both of you are getting ready in the same place e.g. same hotel but in different rooms etc. However if you are getting ready further apart and want images of both of you in the morning, you might want to consider having a second photographer for at least that section of the day. Usually second photographers will cover from the morning preparations until around the meal time. This will enable your 2nd photographer to spend the morning with the other partner, as well as capturing a 2nd angle during the ceremony and some more images of your guests mingling etc. whilst Gary is capturing the group shots after the ceremony.

Ultimately, it comes down to your personal preference and what you feel is most important for capturing your big day.

Yes of course! However, I don’t like to take you away for too long. During your pre-Wedding meeting, we will discuss your must haves group shots from the day and give you an estimate as to how long this will take. We want to make sure you get those shots, whilst also ensuring you’re not away from your guests or your party for too long! We also want to make sure you get the chance to have some images as a couple. We aim to keep the whole ‘formal photographs’ section under 1 hour 30 minutes. 

Yes of course. It’s always Gary who attends the Wedding. We wouldn’t ever outsource this as you’ve booked Gary for his style and personality!

Yes, we are fully insured. 

No. If I haven’t worked at a venue before, I factor in a venue visit on the morning of the wedding (or before) to familiarise myself.  If you’re still concerned, please check to see if I’ve worked at your venue by dropping us a message. I always try to treat every Wedding as unique, including the venue. Venues change all the time and I always like to treat every couple’s wedding as if it was the first time I’ve covered the venue by checking around for any changes and trying to get different images for every couple. 


We are based in Shotts, North Lanarkshire. We include travel to venues up to 40 miles away from our home address in our packages (you can check the distance by using google maps and popping in our postcode as ML7 5RN to find out if you are over the 40 mile radius). In line with our overall business ethos and aim, we will make any travel expenses as affordable as possible.

Of course you can! Just get in touch and we will be happy to send you a full gallery or videography to have a look at. 


No. That would require a full team of videographers with multiple cameras covering multiple angles all at once. We provide a ‘hybrid’ photography/videography service. You’ll get a 20-30 minute video of footage captured throughout your day in a ‘cinematic’ style – i.e. Gary’s camera is on a gimbal which enables him to move around you whilst the camera stays stable so it gives more of a movie-like feel. The video is set to unlicensed music which is included in the price however you can upgrade to use more known music.

We now have the ability to purchase a license for our couples which allows us to put licensed, known music by your favourite artists over the top of the video footage. HOWEVER, please note, this is not able to be uploaded to online video streaming platforms (e.g. YouTube etc.) and will be provided on your USB stick instead. This is an upgrade and costs £50 to cover the cost of the license and music tracks. 

We provide you with a video of your ceremony in full and your speeches in full. These videos are RAW. That means that they are completely unedited, and from one angle. Gary will grab the camera to walk in front of you and film you as you walk back up the aisle, after you’re married. These are supposed to just be a wee keepsake of your ceremony so that you can show people and keep for yourselves. Where possible, and where time allows, we will hook up some extra microphones to improve the sound quality however this isn’t always possible due to extenuating factors.

No, this is something we don’t tend to offer. This would require a more specialised designated videographer.

On the Day and After the Day

Although you will get to know both Gary & Rachael, it’s just Gary that attends on the day as the sole photographer/videographer. That is, unless you have booked specifically for a second photographer. Occasionally, we will ask to bring along another photographer to shadow what we do. We would be grateful to you if you would be able to allow for this.

We aim to get your full gallery and videos to you within 4-6 weeks of the Wedding, however this can often be up to 10 weeks if your Wedding falls in peak season (April-October). We will always keep in touch and keep you up to date with where we are in our post-production of your Wedding.

For a full day of coverage, you should expect to receive around 450-550 images. These will vary between colour and black and white. As for the rights, you have the rights to use and print for personal use within your home etc. We will hold the commercial rights, which means we have the right to publish them for commercial use – using social media, for our website, for print in our studio or for use in sample albums or magazines. We also have the right to allow your gallery to be viewed by prospective clients. This will be on a read-only basis – i.e. they will not be able to download your images. 

When it’s a full day at the Wedding, we do ask that some form of food is provided for Gary. He usually has this at the same time as you and your guests. Check with your venue if they provide ‘Supplier meals’ as this might avoid you having to count Gary in your numbers. Alternatively, if there is a restaurant at the venue, you could arrange for a meal to be there for Gary – this can often be cheaper and Gary is more than happy to get away and have a wee break, picking something from the menu. Just make sure the Wedding co-ordinator knows that this will be happening so that the restaurant know to have something ready at the same time as your meal as we don’t want any hold ups for Gary getting back into you guys. Gary does not need to sit at a table with your guests – he is more than happy to sit somewhere else if you prefer.

For a full day Wedding, you can typically expect Gary to arrive around 10am-10.30am, depending on the time of your ceremony, and stay until the first few dances are completed. He always comes to see you both before he leaves. 

We aim to provide you with some preview images within a few days of your Wedding. The timeline of this can vary depending on other Weddings Gary might have that week. It’s important that you get back to us to let us know that you’re happy with the editing style (colouring etc.) when you receive these as we will use the same style throughout. We don’t start editing your full gallery until we have had your approval. Gary will not re-edit a full gallery so it’s really important you check all the preview images to let us know if there’s anything you’re not happy with before we go ahead. We don’t provide videography previews.