We already do lots in our business to be as sustainable as possible: we make all our ‘paperwork’ online and electronic to save paper; use re-usable batteries for all our devices; only use lights and electricity within the studio when we need to and ensure we make as little car journeys as possible, using public transport when we can.  However, we recognise that, as a business, we have a much bigger responsibility to try to make a difference. That’s why we started this initiative in July 2022. For every couple that has booked their Wedding Photography/Videography with us since 20th July 2022, we have arranged for a tree to be planted in their name in the Glencoe Forestry, right here in Scotland. At the time of writing this, we have planted nearly 90 trees which, in our opinion, is amazing! It takes around 10 trees to be planted to make up for a typical family’s carbon footprint every year so we are delighted that we, together with our clients, have been able to make this difference, no matter how small it is. 

Our couples receive a little certificate in the post, which tells them that the tree has been planted (in their new married names – to be!) and it gives some information about the organisation that we work with, alongside a wee map showing where your tree is planted.